As soon as you upgrade your SysManSMS Server to minimum V8.2, you will by default have a HTTP URL Service running on port 8080.

This Windows service is maintained by the kernel SysManSMS Server. If it stops it will be re-started, and if it fails you will be notified. The SysMan HTTP Server got powerful configuration options, including the possibility to name any parameter as you like to.

The configuration settings are all hold in the servers INI file, found in the server´s home directory. Among the advanced functions are the possibility to turn on DEBUG mode from the url. This tool will help you find out why a url does not execute as expected.

The SysManSMS User and Developer Guide have two pages describing how to configure and use the SysMan HTTP Server.

To test your HTTP Server, simply try one of the following urls:


http://localhost:8080/sms?recipients=your_mobile_number&message=This is my first url message

On older Windows Systems (2003/XP) you may need to install the Microsoft VC Distributable kit before the HTTP Service can run. This kit is placed in the HTTP Server’s home directory.