The 2-ways Secure SysManSMS Server can be used from nearly any application to forward alerts and messages to any mobile using SMS. Any application capable of executing a command line, Write a file, Send Mail, Send URL or send a Trap – can send SMS.

Basic Send SMS techniques are:

  • From text files
  • From XML/HTML files
  • From Command lines
  • From HTTP URL’s
  • From SNMP Traps
  • From SMTP e-mails
  • From your applications using send sms SDK.

Basic Receive SMS techniques are: – Save Message to CSV File – Save Message to XML File – Save Message to HTML File – Save Message into SQL Database – Automatically start a Windows Program – Forward Message to any e-mail account * Forward Message to groups of Mobiles.

Some Interface examples and hints are found in the table below. SysMan welcomes your input to this list.

Application Name
Product description

Adaptiv On Visit Mail
Big Brother Mail
BMC Performance Manager
CA Unicenter NSM
Check Point Connectra
Cisco NAC – Network Admission Control Guest Server
fdextend – HSMX Gateway – Portal logon authentication Mail Setup
Gmail Mail
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Insight Manager CMDline Mail
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Openview (Howto) CMDline Mail
HW Group (HWg) Poseidon 2250,3265,3266,3268,3468,4001,4002 Mail Traps
HW Group (HWg) STE,WLD Mail Traps
IBM Lotus Notes
IBM Tivoli
Jacarta interSeptor,interSeptor Pro,PowerFox8 Mail Traps
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
Microsoft Exchange 2007 Mail
Microsoft Exchange 2010 Mail
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Mail
Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service
Microsoft MOM 2005 (Product Page) CMDline Mail Setup
Microsoft SCOM 2007 (Product Page) CMDline Mail Setup Setup2
Microsoft SCOM 2008 R2 (Product Page) CMPline Mail Setup
Microsoft SCOM 2012 (Product Page) CMDline Mail Setup
Microsoft Sharepoint Mail
Microsoft Windows mail clients Mail
Paessler – PRTG Network Monitor URL
RSA Authentication Manager URL
Schneider Electric Struxureware Mail Setup
Schneider Electric TAC/INET Files Mail Setup
Schneider Electric TAC/Vista Files Mail Setup
Schneider Electric Xenta Mail Setup
SecureEnvoy – SecurICE Mail URL
SecureEnvoy – SecureAccess Mail URL
Solarwinds Orion NPM
Strong Authentication Server
SysAid Helpdesk Mail URL Setup
SysAid SMS Integration Mail URL
Synology Disk Stations NAS /SAN / Surveillanse – DSM V3.x Mail URL
Vacman Middleware
Visual FoxPro
WhatsUp Gold CMDline Mail Setup