Using SysManSMS Server with GSM Modem over the LAN

You may have to place your GSM modem away from your SysManSMS Server PC if:moxa5150

  • Serial over LAN – Nport 5150 from Moxa
  • Weak GSM Signal at SysManSMS Server location
  • Security prevent you from having a GSM modem in the computer room
  • You are running Virtual Machine, and need a flexible modem connection

How does it work? Remote RS-232 Serial Ports, or often called RS-232 over IP, has two parts involved. The physical part is a box with the electronics and connectors to be placed on the same location where you like to locate your GSM modem. The other part is the software to setup the box, and the driver to create the Windows COM port. After the installation you will have a COM port number to bring into your SysManSMS Server Setup Configuration. You may access the Remote RS-232 Serial Port from any Windows platform, hardware or virtuals like Windows Virtual PC or VMware. Only one SysManSMS Server can use the device at one specific time. Device sharing is not supported by SysManSMS Server.

What if LAN breaks? Even if it is not a common situation, your LAN may go down. If this happen with a GSM modem with the unique SysManSMS Watchdog connected, you will receive alert SMS messages to let you know about this very critical situation. This is your emergency message exit. If you use a GSM modem without a Watchdog, you may still be notified by the Windows Event log or e-mail, but this will depend on how your LAN fails.

You may also use the SysManSMS dual Server option, where the operative server will alert if a second server has a problem, if for example you got a broken GSM modem connection.