Using SysManSMS Server with GSM Modem over the LAN

Most companies are now using virtual servers without physical COM-ports or USB-ports that you can connect a modem to. In order to use SysManSMS Server from a virtual machine you have two options:

  • Use a modem with a built-in LAN port, such as our ConiuGo LTE modem with LAN port
  • Use a serial modem with a separate IP-to-Serial gateway such as the Moxa NPort 5110

With both alternatives you will have to install a virtual COM-port driver on your server, which will direct all serial communication on that COM-port over IP to your modem. This is also a flexible solution if you need to place your modem at a different location than the server due to weak network coverage.

What if your LAN connection breaks? Even if it is not a common situation, your LAN may go down. If this happen with a GSM modem with the unique SysManSMS Watchdog firmware, you will receive alert SMS messages to let you know about this very critical situation. This is your emergency message exit. If you use a GSM modem without a Watchdog, you may still be notified by the Windows Event log or e-mail, but this will depend on how your LAN fails.

You may also use the SysManSMS dual Server option, where the operative server will alert if a second server has a problem, if for example you got a broken GSM modem connection.