SysManX SMS Alert

SysManX is the most powerful system for critical SMS alerting. With more than 17 years of experience and 2000+ customers worldwide we truly understands critical SMS alerting.

SysManX is so much more than just sending a text message. Our unique combination of customized hardware and own software makes sure that the right person(s) receives critical SMS alarms as quickly as possible.

Manage on-call personel lists, delivery tracking, backup numbers, shift calendars, filters and time-restrictions through an easy-to-use web-interface.

Quickly integrate with your Building Management System or Operation System using any interface option: Built-in SMTP server for E-mail-2-SMS, HTTP POST/GET interface, JSON RESTful API with SwaggerUI and OpenAPI 3.0 compliance, and File-based interfaces with detailed guides for integration.

Online userguide

Check out the online userguide for SysManX.

Fully managed through web-interface

  • Manage everything through a web interface
  • Role-based access control
  • Built-in lightweight web-server
  • Setup wizard and integration guides

Ultra-fast and easy-to-deploy 4G modems

  • LAN interface – no serial or USB port needed.
  • High speed sending with 4G/LTE support. Up to 1.500 SMS/hour per modem.
  • Multiple modem support for scalable capacity and redundance.
  • Customized firmware with the unique SysMan Watchdog.
  • Full kit with 1,5m antenna, cables, and international power supply.

Powerful alert management

  • Flexible numberlists with shift calendar support and time restrictions (no-send times etc).
  • Alert all at once, or one and one until alarm is acknowledged.
  • Supports SMS delivery verification, backup numbers, wakeup calls and flash messages.
  • Use SMS commands to manage who is on-call, execute predefined scripts etc.
  • Only send important alarms by filtering out noise and non- important alerts.
  • Built-in Windows Service monitoring.