SysManX Enterprise SMS Messaging System

SysManX is the most powerful system for enterprise SMS alerting and messaging. With more than 17 years of experience and 2000+ customers worldwide we truly understands the requirements for SMS messaging for enterprises.

SysManX is so much more than just sending a text message. Our unique combination of customized hardware and own software makes sure that the right person(s) receives critical SMS alarms as quickly as possible. Features such as  delivery tracking, backup receivers, shift-calendars, step-by-step alerting and more ensures optimal alerting for your organization.

Capacity can be scaled almost unlimited by adding multiple modems. By attaching two or mode modems you can achieve redundancy between GSM operators. Multiple SysManX installations can also be clustered together to provide extra capacity and redundance.

Easy integration with your applications. SysManX comes with setup guides for integration with popular enterprise solutions such as Schneider Electric EcoStruxure/StruxureWare, Microsoft  SCOM, Cisco ISE and others. Integrate with almost any application using HTTP GET/POST, JSON REST (OpenAPI 3.0/Swagger-UI), SMTP or file-based interfaces.

Working with IoT systems? SysManX has a built-in MQTT client for sending SMS through your MQTT broker.

Online userguide

Check out the online userguide for SysManX.

Fully managed through web-interface

  • Manage everything through a web interface
  • Role-based access control
  • Built-in lightweight web-server
  • Setup wizard and integration guides

Ultra-fast and easy-to-deploy 4G modems

  • LAN interface – no serial or USB port needed.
  • High speed sending with 4G/LTE support. Up to 1.500 SMS/hour per modem.
  • Multiple modem support for scalable capacity and redundance.
  • Customized firmware with the unique SysMan Watchdog.
  • Full kit with 1,5m antenna, cables, and international power supply.

Powerful alert management

  • Flexible numberlists with shift calendar support and time restrictions (no-send times etc).
  • Alert all at once, or one and one until alarm is acknowledged.
  • Supports SMS delivery verification, backup numbers, wakeup calls and flash messages.
  • Use SMS commands to manage who is on-call, execute predefined scripts etc.
  • Only send important alarms by filtering out noise and non- important alerts.
  • Built-in Windows Service monitoring.