General Terms & Conditions for SysMan

We provide a specific service level as described in “SysMan Software License and Maintenance Agreement”. The main terms are listed below, but refer to the above mentioned Agreement for full details.

Product: SysManX or SysManSMS with all its standard components listed on contract form
Consultants: Maximum 2 requests per year via web support contact form or mail
New release: New releases available via web services including bug fixes and new functionality.
Service hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00-15:00
Exceptions: Any Norwegian official holiday (Office closed)
Response time: Normally within 1-2 working days – maximum within 5 working days
Contract: Automatic renewed if not terminated 30 days before contract renew date
Communication: The Customer must submit their requests using email or the contact page on our website. All relevant information like log files and bug reports must be made available in electronic form. Any delay in making such information available may extend the response time. Requests must include customer responsible contact information.
SLA exceptions: SysMan deliver the above SLA T&C’s, unless a force majeure situation