Activate SysManSMS Server

SysManSMS Server product activation is a technology that protects users from pirated or counterfeit software by limiting use of the product to those users who have acquired the product legitimately. Product activation requires a unique product key for each installation of a product. The activation of the SysManSMS Server will normally be done automatically via the GSM network at installation time. If the automatic activation should fail due to limited GSM access, you will be notified.
A manually activation must then be performed.

You must activate the SysManSMS Server within ten (10) days after installing it. If product activation is not successfully, the product will stop.

How to check Product Activation Status

To check product activation status, right-click on the SysManSMS Server desktop menu icon and select Quick Status, or open the SysManSMS Server html status page located in OUTPUT folder. You should see “Product Activated” or “Product not Activated”.

How to manually Activate the Product

To manually activate the product, right click on the SysManSMS Server desktop menu icon and select Server Settings and License Activation. If you are not using SysManSMS Server Desktop Menu, you may start the SysManSMS_Register.exe from the Utilites Folder.
Copy the Request Key and paste it into the form below. An Activation Key will be generated and sent on e-mail. As soon as you receive the Activation Key on e-mail, insert it into the Activation Key field and hit OK. SysManSMS Server will now automatically restart to activate.

If you are using the new SysManX solution, please use this page for manual activation.