Release notes

Here you can find all changes, updates and bugfixes for SysManSMS Alert/Communication Version (8.x-y).

Most recent version: 8.6-4. Released 24th of August 2020.

Version 8.6 releases

8.6-4 SERVER: New shutdown handling to prevent stalled modems upon system reboots.
8.6-4 SMTP: Fixed bug: UTF-8 encoding did not work for emails with base64 mime-encoding and HTML content with no plain text part.
8.6-2 Changes to modem initialization for better interoperability with SysManX
8.6-1 SERVER: Added support for u-Blox LISA-U200 modem.
8.6 SMTP: Fixed bug related to handling of Quoted-Printable emails.
8.6 SERVER: Non-breaking space is now converted to normal space.
8.6 SERVER: Non-breaking dash is now converted to normal dash/minus.
8.6 SERVER: Increased speed of SMS sending with about 30% depending on modem.


Version 8.5 releases
8.5-9 SERVER: Fixed missing timestamp on received messages with Telit modem.
8.5-8 SMTP: Added workaround for some encoding issues in SMTP messages from Desigo.
8.5-7 Software signed with new Digital Certificate.
8.5-7 SERVER: Improved handling of GSM protocol errors that may occur with bad or interferred radio signals.
8.5-4 SERVER: Added workaround for communication problems with certain USB modem drivers.
8.5-2 SERVER: Improved operator detection handling to speed up boot time at first use. Re-activation of license may be required for installations using specific modems.
8.5-1 SERVER: Fixed problem where latest ConiuGo/Telit chipsets was not properly detected as supported by SysMan due to changed model-description on modem.
8.5 SERVER: Major update. Added support for a series of new 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE) modems from Sierra Wireless and ConiuGo.
8.5 SERVER and HARDWARE: New watchdog firmware developed for customized SysMan modems based on ConiuGo hardware. Modems with watchdog now available with both USB and LAN interfaces.

Version 8.4 releases
8.4-4 SERVER: Added new init parameter (“$” postfix modifier on SMSC setting) that allows you to force maximum time-to-live for all SMS, even if a delivery report is requested.

8.4-3 SMTP: Fixed problem with long subject fields being truncated with some email servers.
8.4-3 SMTP: Fixed problem that made messages being lost or truncated when e-mail message contained a large number of smtp-headers.
8.4-3 SERVER: New configuration parameter that allows you to configure a delay for a wakeup-call. This is to prevent problems where the phone was busy receiving the SMS when a wakeup-call is made.

8.4-2 SMTP: Fixed problem that made messages being lost or truncated when e-mail message contained a large number of smtp-headers.
8.4-2 SERVER: Fixed encoding problem that made the degree-symbol show up as a “0” (zero).
8.4-2 SERVER: Fixed problem that made an extra “-” (dash) occur first in messages when using remote .list files.
8.4-2 SERVER: Fixed bug that made message processing block for certain corrupt message files.
8.4-2 SMTP: Fixed/added support for UTF-8 handling when sending through SysMan SMTP module.

8.4-1 SERVER: Bugfix: Slave services not showing correct version.
8.4-1 SERVER: Bugfix: Statuspage for slave services was not updated with new visual identity.
8.4-1 SERVER: Log file rotation when log file reaches more than 10000 lines is now implemented on slave service log files as well.
8.4-1 SERVER: Main status page with new visual identity was not refreshed automatically every 30 seconds like the “old” one.
8.4-1 HTTP: Default configuration file for SysManHttp service did not process custom character translations. Existing installations must change this manually if relevant.

V8.4 The installation kit as well as all core files are now digitally signed with a GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate issued for SysMan AS.
V8.4 The software and all user guides are updated with the new SysMan logo and visual identity.
V8.4 SERVER: Fixed some bugs. Amongst them, a bug that may cause the SysManSMS server to stop in the event of a corrupt and truncated message file.

Version 8.3 releases

V8.3-2 OFF: Fixed problem where it sometimes where possible to empty a NumberFile
V8.3-2 OFF: Fixed issue where return message sometimes where blank if list was not found
V8.3-2 OFF: Updated logging texts for better reading. Now indicate if local or shared list
V8.3-2 ON: Updated logging texts for better reading. Now indicate if local or shared list
V8.3-2 WHO: Updated logging texts for better reading. Now indicate if local or shared list
V8.3-2 SERVER: Updated date and version – new compile
V8.3-1 SMTPserver: Fixed problem with flag causing multiple mail->sms to be sent to same user. (Bug introduced in V8.2-9)
V8.3-1 SERVER: Rebuild with new date and release info
V8.3-0 SMTPserver: Updated to support common INPUT share failover. Will now write message files to current INPUT folder
V8.3-0 SERVER: Will now handle message files from SMTP server, delivered either to shared common or local INPUT folders

Version 8.2 releases

V8.2-9 NEW Major Server functionality added – New Number File replication and locking mechanism implemented
V8.2-9 SERVER: Added new functionality to replicate and lock Number Files
V8.2-9 SERVER: If using shared INPUT folder (multiple servers) the server will now lock Number Files if share fails
V8.2-9 SERVER: Added adm SMS commands :ONOFFPROT and :ONOFFOPEN to manually set Number Files to locked/unlocked state
V8.2-9 FileUpdate: New utility to Programs folder. Program used to update Number Files in local folder, if changed by ON/OFF
V8.2-9 ON: Now uses FuleUpdate to replicate changes in NumberFiles. ON now test for NumberFile protection state
V8.2-9 OFF: Now uses FuleUpdate to replicate changes in NumberFiles. OFF now test for NumberFile protection state
V8.2-9 WHO: Fixed problem if answer sms longer than 1530 characters
V8.2-9 SMTPserver: Fixed bug where “Illegal destination Address…” log entry displayed wrongly
V8.2-9 Updated UserGuide to reflect changes in SysManSMS Server functionality
V8.2-8 SERVER:Fixed problem with STOP an SEND filters
V8.2-x NEW Major Server functionality added – New Integrated HTTP Server
V8.2-7 SMTPserver: Now fully support virtual e-mail addresses like “My New mail”@server
V8.2-7 DOCUMENTATION: Updated to reflect changes to functionality
V8.2-6 SMTPserver: Now ignoring the following characters in e-mail address string: \/:*?”|
V8.2-5 Updated UserGuide documentation
V8.2-4 SMTPserver: Fixed bug in handling soft new lines (“=” was displayed in sms text)
V8.2-4 SMTPserver: SMTPfrom.sec file now support both domain or full mail addresses
V8.2-3 HTTPServer: Now support multiple numbers in url specification
V8.2-3 HTTP IIs Module: Now support multiple numbers in url specification
V8.2-3 SERVER: Fixed New Line problem using long SMS’s for BlackBerry and Android mobiles
V8.2-3 SERVER: Fixed format problem in Accounting.csv file if message text logging used
V8.2-2 OFF: Corrected issue if same user got multiple entries in a NumberFile, OFF could delete all
V8.2-2 SMTPServer: Number of simultaneous client connections set to 25. Higher may give problems
V8.2-1 Iclient: Fixed issue where it could crash when using Server Number Files from remote
V8.2-1 HTTPServer: Added logging of Version and Debug requests
V8.2-0 HTTPServer: Send URL’s direct to the new fully integrated HTTP Server
V8.2-0 DOCUMENTATION: New V8.2 User Guide with description of HTTP usage

Version 8.1 releases

V8.1-x NEW Major Server functionality added – Slave Servers now supported
V8.1-0 The new Server farm functionality allow adding up to 30 Slaves/PC
V8.1-0 SERVER: Upgraded to manage SysManSMS Slave Servers on same PC
V8.1-0 Iclient: Support for Slave Servers to be direct accessed from CMD lines
V8.1-0 SERVER: Fixed potential problem with file locking in INPUT folder
V8.1-0 MENU: Fixed problem with Menu icon somtimes become invisible
V8.1-0 TELLme: Added support to protect Topics from being created from mobiles
V8.1-0 DOCUMENTATION: New V8.1 User Guide with description of Slave Support

Version 8.0 releases

V8.0-3 SERVER: Fixed truncation issue in Send ConvertText Filter
V8.0-2 SERVER: It has never been easier to forward SNMP Traps to Mobile phones
V8.0-2 SNMPserver: New OID Editor for easier definition of Trap to SMS Text settings
V8.0-2 SERVER: Fixed problem with newline handling on BlackBerry mobiles
V8.0-2 SERVER: Fixed issue if SysMan formatted message files contained characters in text
V8.0-2 SERVER: SysManSMS Server now support COM1->COM30 for GSM Modem connection
V8.0-2 SMTPserver: Increased number of simultaneous client connections from 25 to 50
V8.0-2 DOCUMENTATION: New detailed chapter about SNMP usage in addition to general updates
V8.0-1 SMTPserver: Corrected problem with PLAIN text format where text could be truncated
V8.0-1 SMTPserver: Better handling of “soft” newlines in mail texts longer than 72 chars