SysMan AS delivers one of the most flexible private SMS gateway software. With its secure direct connection to any global GSM network, it is the safe and optimal path for alerts and general messaging. In addition we supply high-end GSM devices customized to SysMan for maximum security and redundancy.

SysManSMS Alert Server is designed for professionals that needs to forward alerts and messages from any application to any global mobile phone. With its internet free secure channel, and extensive use of delivery notification, this is the solution you can trust. The client/server architecture includes file, mail, url and programmable interfaces, and will make sure any alert can be picked up and forwarded to mobiles. Two-way messaging support allows you to execute scripts and commands on the server via SMS and take active action on your systems within seconds.. Even at network down or light out situations, you will still receive the urgent message from the built-in SysManSMS Watchdog.


SysManSMS Communication Server is designed to meet the growing demand for applications to easily establish a safe 2-ways message path to any global mobile phone. Using the widely accepted SMS message format, you may reach any person within seconds, and receive an active response within shortest time. The client/server architecture not only includes file, mail, url and programmable interfaces. With the Communication Server you can scale your installation with multiple instances and modems, where each instance can handle up to 25.000 SMS per day.




SysMan offers some high quality GSM devices to be used with our SysManSMS Server. These are customized specifically for user with SysMan for maximum security and redundancy with our unique Watchdog technology.

The devices are standard products from high-end producers using the newest chipsets from Telit or SierraWireless. They are future-proof with 3G and 4G support. The devices comes with either USB or built in LAN connection for easy usage in virtualized data centers.