Installation problem – Server stops shortly after it’s started

If new installation, or if the SIM card has been replaced when using GSM Modems from Wavecom or Sierra Wireless, you may see that the SysManSMS Server stops after running just for a few seconds. (The green desktop menu arrow blinks a few time, then turn into solid red circle) The servers log file (SysManSMS.log) will have the following entry:

ERR-100-9 Error contacting or init the GSM device
ERROR - PIN code or PUK code failure - Check SIM card

Most likely this is caused by the SIM card locker slide not properly in place. Please see this TechNote for GMS Modem installation instructions.

If this is checked to be OK, you may have a PIN or PUK code problem. With power off, remove the SIM card and install it in a standard mobile. Check the PIN code, and we also recomend to disable the PIN checking.

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