Send SMS – How to interface with RSA Authentication Manager

The secure SysManSMS Server is a perfect fit to safely forward SMS messages from RSA Authentication Manager, without sending secret information out to the Internet. RSA sends url’s which can be directed to your local SysManHTTP client module, which again uses the SysManSMS Server (SMS Gateway) for a direct GSM Network delivery.

Another solution would be to create your own PHP script to do the same. Below you will find a sample code to setup your IIS Server to receive RSA HTTP requests and write message files into SysManSMS Server’s INPUT Folder.


$TEMPPATH   = 'c:\\temp';
$INPUTPATH  = 'c:\\program files (x86)\\SysManSMS\\GSMserver\\INPUT\\';
$RANDOM           = rand(5, 15).".txt";
$DIMS       = chr(161);
$MSGTYPE    = ""; // * makes it a flash message
$MESSAGE    = strtr($_REQUEST["message"],chr(10),chr(13));

$fcontent = $DIMS."SMS".$DIMS."+".$_REQUEST["to"].$MSGTYPE.$DIMS.$MESSAGE.$DIMS."HTTPclient".$DIMS."Fclient".$DIMS."\n";

$fp = fopen($FILETMP,'w+b');
echo "success";

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