Send SMS – How to send from remote machine

The SysManSMS architecture allows remote client programs to send messages over the LAN to one or multiple SysManSMS Servers on the same network. The most common interface is to execute command lines with the SysManSMS Integration client (Iclient).

Below you will find some rules you have to follow in a remote client/server environment setup

We assume your SysManSMS Server is up and running, and are able to send/receive messages.

SysManSMS architecture uses port 139/445 (NetBios/Named Pipes)

Make sure your security settings on PC’s or Firewalls does not stop the above ports.

Use the SysManSMS SETUP (from the SysMan USB stick or downloaded from this website) to install the client components

Make sure you select “Client Installation”, and also enter the SysManSMS server’s IP address or name.

Open a command line Window, got to …\SysManSMS\Iclient

Execute the following command to test sending from a client:
SysManSMS_Iclient.exe “::” “This is my first test from a remote client”
This line will send the above text to all members of your default Number File on the server

If this works fine, then setup your application to execute the same line automatically from application

Please Note:

The client must execute from a domain user account, alternatively you must use same username/password on both the SysManSMS Server and the client executing process. Default user account for SysManSMS Server is Local System Account.

If problems executing from your application, check the following:

  1. View the …\SysManSMS\Iclient\SysManSMS_Iclient.log file
  2. If you have a entry in this log for the same time as your application executed the command line, the settings in your application is OK, and a problem is on the SysManSMS side. If the manually execution from a command line window worked fine, your problem is most likely connected with account privileges and access rights.
  3. If you do not have any entries in the log at the time of execution, you have a setup problem in your application. Carefully follow the applications documentation on how to execute a command line program.

SysMan makes available information and hints on how to setup the most common application. Please visit the Solutionsweb page.

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